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Website Content Managed with Ease

StoryEdit website content management system (CMS) has been designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium sized companies who wish to enable staff members with only basic computer skills to be able to maintain and update the company website in a cost effective manner.

With an easy to use web browser interface, no knowledge of HTML or other web technologies is needed to edit a website using a StoryEdit content management system.

Tried and Tested

StoryEdit has been in use by clients since 2002. The CMS system has been updated to keep pace with web developments and has been customised to meet the specific needs of various websites from small sites with a few pre-defined pages, to multi-section sites with the capacity to expand to hundreds of thousands of web pages with e-commerce, mailing list, discussion forums etc. included. Customised systems to import content from external databases have also been developed and deployed to meet client requirements. Because StoryEdit is our own system, developed and coded in house, we are able to adapt or add additional features to tailor the system to meet the requirements of an individual application.

Fast and Simple

StoryEdit is the fast and simple way to update news pages, special offers, price and availability information. Your website can be updated as often as you wish without involving web specialists. New web pages can be added with a click of a button.

Type text directly into StoryEdit or copy-and-paste from existing word processing documents. Upload and place photos and graphics, editing their parameters as required. Use StoryEdit to keep your printed materials and your website in step.

StoryEdit Browser Interface

Edit, Review and Publish

Your website remains live and unchanged to the viewing public while you edit your pages within StoryEdit. When you are ready to publish your edits, a simple click of the 'publish' button updates the relevant page on the website.

Edit and prepare new pages in advance, or make almost instant alterations. Your web visitors won't see the updates until you decide to publish them. Take control of your website with StoryEdit!


StoryEdit Editorial Menu
· If you can edit text, you can edit your website!

· Fast and simple to use with your PC or Mac.

· Edit text and styling, change photos, graphics and layout.

· No software to install on the user's computer.

· Use a normal web browser to view and edit your web pages.

· Designed for the business user with help, training and support.

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StoryEdit Content Management Systems, CMS, for easy self-editing of web pages and web sites offer a low cost, budget conscious way of managing website updates.

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