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StoryEdit is designed for easy self maintenance of the company website by smaller owner/manager and professional partnership businesses where only one person at a time needs to update the website.

When only a single editor is involved at any one time in making website changes, the need for a complex editorial and workflow control system is avoided. StoryEdit can therefore offer extraordinary ease of use and major cost savings compared to content management systems designed for the corporate 'enterprise' market, whilst delivering a powerful and appropriate feature set for the small business user.

The Small Business Advantage

Smaller businesses succeed in large part due to a lower cost base and faster speed of response to changing market conditions. A website powered by StoryEdit will help reinforce these advantages. Turn-around times for simple updates can be reduced to a matter of minutes, or even seconds. Price, availability and special offer information can be changed on the website almost as quickly and easily as on a hand written sign board. This ease and speed of update offers businesses new marketing opportunities they may not have considered until the discovered StoryEdit.

Secure e-commerce ordering systems, on-line catalogues etc, can be fully integrated within a StoryEdit powered site. Custom options can enable data to be transfered from external databases for use within the website's pages.

Other Services

When initially setting up your website, you may require page templates, photos, graphics, copy writing and other content for the site. We can provide a full range of services to cover these aspects, enabling us to deliver a fully finished high quality self-editable website.


StoryEdit is a flexible system that can be used with websites of varying sizes and traffic levels. The total cost of installing StoryEdit will depend on the website hosting required (your existing hosting may well be suitable), how much integration work is required for any existing web pages, design of new pages and customised features, plus your training requirements.

Typical StoryEdit systems can cost from as little as few hundred pounds for an installed, standard, ready-to-use system where the client adds most of the content themselves with minimal training (often sufficient). If we prepare a customised system, page templates, graphics etc. for a more complex website, then the cost is still very reasonable - a few thousand can build a website with StoryEdit CMS that your customers will regard in the same bracket as sites that large corporates would spend mega-money building. We like to claim that the only main diference the customer will probably notice, is that your site's pages load more quickly!

Please give us a call on 01327 264497 (UK) to discuss how we can tailor a package to meet your needs.


Update Bookings
· With StoryEdit it's easy to keep availability information up to date - external database linking is a custom option.

Update Products
· Respond quickly to changing market conditions. Update your website at anytime.

Update News
· Keep your visitors coming back with fresh information.

Telephone (in UK): 01327 264497