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Computer and IT Requirements

StoryEdit is a 'browser based' system. This means that the software runs on the web server and does not require any installation on the user's (client) computer. The client machine simply needs to run a suitable web browser, which in the case of all normal Windows and MacOS computers supplied in recent years, will already be installed as standard. The computer will of course need to be able to access the internet using the web browser software. The minimum recomended screen size of 800 x 600 pixels is easily exceeded by most computer monitors these days.

IT Support

StoryEdit does not put any extra requirements on the customer's IT staff over and above any existing support required for normal wesite access via the internet.

Web Browser Settings

Web browser software for use with StoryEdit and any firewall used in conjunction with it, must be enabled for JavaScript and Cookies. These are the normal, standard browser settings and are unlikely to need altering on most computers. The browser's web cache is best set to update on every page visit to ensure that updated versions of the web pages are displayed without the need to click the brower's 'refresh' button. Information on checking/changing this is provided in StoryEdit's Help pages.


Editing with StoryEdit
· Fast and simple to use with your PC or Mac.

· Use a normal web browser to view and edit your pages.

Telephone (in UK): 01327 264497